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Best Friends: Mothers in Arms

A cute little story I wrote about my friend Marti and me was published in the May 2015 issue of Guideposts.

The photo shoot is actually more exciting than the story, so I’m gonna take you behind the scenes.

It took place in mid-February. Outside. At a park. On a twisty slide. No coats allowed. What?!?

I suggested a photo at a coffee shop, because drinking a hot caffeinated beverage in a warm locale is more our style than balancing precariously on giant plastic playground equipment, but I guess they wanted to give Marti the opportunity to prove she is the friend I say she is. (A fair-weather friend never would have agreed to it. 😉 )

It was 20 degrees and that wasn’t a fan blowing the hair out of our faces for affect. It was an Iowa take-your-breath-away winter wind. The kind that forces tears out of your eyes and makes your nose drip.

Please take note of how my hand is so nicely relaxed on the slide. It had been clenched in a fist in an effort to calm my shivering body, but the photographer told me it made me look like I was cold. My other hand is holding onto the red slide pole for dear life. If you could see the rest of Marti’s arm, you would notice that she was also clamping onto the pole with all her strength.

It is amazingly difficult to poise yourself halfway down a twisty slide (especially when you are losing the feeling in your fingers). I dare you to try it.

Following the shoot,  we went to my house, brewed some hot coffee and talked about things that moms of boys talk about while our six male children (3 of mine, 3 of hers) played Clash of Clans and entertained themselves by making fun body noises. I love doing life with this lady as my friend.

Everyone should have a someone who is willing to conquer a mid-winter, twisty-slide photo shoot with them. It’s proof of love I tell you.

*A special thanks to Guideposts for a memory-making afternoon, and to our photographer who made quick work of the whole thing.

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  1. Didn’t your mothers teach you not to play outside in the cold without wearing a coat:-)

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