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May 15, 2015 KimHarms 2Comment

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I had the honor of being today’s devo writer at The Upper Room. In conjunction with the devo that I actually wrote 2 years ago  (the road to publication is not often a speedy one 😉 ) I was asked to provide a post for their blog.

Here’s where you’ll find the devo – Counting to Ten

Here’s where you’ll find the blog post – The Little Things and The Big Things

While preparing the blog post, I was reminded of just how much God loves me personally. If I pay attention, I find so many instances where he takes a simple small act that no one else even notices, and he speaks right into my soul.

Sometimes God puts a spotlight on what he’s done for us for all to see. But other times, he takes these things and whispers them for us alone to hear.

Those whispered moments are my favorite.

Similarly, when Corey says nice things about me to others, it makes me smile. But it is when it’s just him and me and he looks into my eyes and says things like “You are a good mommy to our boys” that I feel the most loved.

Sometimes the littlest things are really the biggest.

If you have found your way to this site by way of The Upper Room, thanks for stopping by to take a look. If I would like a glimpse of the things I write about, I suggest clicking the Today’s Christian Woman link in the right-hand column. It will take you to a list of my stories there.

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  1. This scripture form Jeremiah is so rich and deep. Thank you for the personal application. God is good and I can trust Him with everything that comes. I am blessed in my home, my family and my nation. Let God be praised. kt

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