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I Found My Breast Cancer Story on Rise and Soar Above the Cancer Valley

September 8, 2017 KimHarms 6Comment

Photo by Kim Harms

Look what I found in the big wide world of the Internet while doing a little writing research – my story on author Shirley Corder’s website. I remember when she requested my cancer story for her Testimony page, but I don’t remember ever seeing it after if was published. What a fun little surprise.

Things like this make my heart happy. It’s a boost of encouragement from God through my computer screen. He’s like –

Hey Kim, I know that sometimes you think you’re losing your mind with this whole writing thing and that you should give up and  apply to make pizza at Caseys, but I have you right where I want you. Trust me. Besides, remember that time you got a job at Piccadilly Circus in high school and you messed up two pizza orders on your first day and then quit? You’re a great girl and all, but you’re not really cut out for food service. I created your brain for the keyboard, not the kitchen. Stick with the words. Love, God




6 thoughts on “I Found My Breast Cancer Story on Rise and Soar Above the Cancer Valley

  1. Ha, ha, ha. That’s awesome! You could make pizzas and write about them. Seriously, congratulations ! You were destined for making a difference with your stories. God is using you!

    1. Thanks DeAnn. Some days I honestly do feel like I’m out of my mind, but God is good. And he always reminds me of that just when I need it.

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