March 12, 2017 KimHarms

He’s being creative (albiet crazy) and it makes me happy. This one involves basketball, tabasco sauce, a freezing cold creek and 30 seconds of oh-my-goodness-my-son-has-lost-his-mind at the end. Watch and give Owen a like if you feel so inclined. EXTREME GAME OF PIG CHALLENGE (Flip Shots youtube channel)  

February 24, 2017 KimHarms

Thank you Dude Perfect for inspiring my 8th grader. Love that he is actively creative in setting up trick shots and mentally creative in editing video footage. Below is a link to Owen’s latest trick shot video on his youtube channel Flip Shots. CRAZY MINI HOOP TRICK SHOTS

December 17, 2016 KimHarms

My post at Inspire a Fire this month is about my experience with Lewis and the question of Santa Claus. You can read the first part here and follow the link to the rest of the story at Inspire a Fire. The Santa Dilemma – Keeping Jesus at the Center of Christmas “Mom, is Santa real?” my curious six-year-old asked as I tucked him in and kissed his cheek. ‘Here we go,’ I thought. I took a deep breath and went the history route as I did with his older brothers. Speaking truth, but leaving a little to the imagination….

September 18, 2016 KimHarms

(In my September post at Inspire a Fire, I reflect on the change of seasons in life and reminisce about the day I sent my baby to school.) Homemade cheesebread with marinara sauce. “Oh no, what if Lewis can’t open his milk carton?” Those were the first five words on the back-to-school lunch menu and that was the thought that ran through my head sending a fresh waterfall of tears down my face. Yes, I read the school lunch menu and cried. And cried. And cried. That was several years ago, but I remember it like it was several blinks…

July 12, 2016 KimHarms 1Comment

Proverbs 23:22 Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old. I had a friend years ago whose relationship with her mother was strained. They talked regularly. And though they honestly loved each other, it was not uncommon for their conversations to end in utter frustration. You see, they loved each other, but they didn’t really like each other. One expected too much, the other couldn’t let go of the past. I have lost touch with that friend and don’t know where her relationship with her mother stands today, but I…