When Breast Cancer Came to My House

(I was asked to write my breast cancer story for our local paper as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The following is just a little piece of 2016 in the Harms house. It’s a bit longer than my typical blog posts, but I am publishing it as it was printed in the paper.)…… Continue reading When Breast Cancer Came to My House

Leslie Leyland Fields Interview – Crossing the Waters

Leslie Leyland Fields graciously granted me an interview about Crossing the Waters, and I’m excited to share it it with you. I quoted this book in my previous post, when I talked about how powerful the image of water has been to me this year. Crossing the Waters was really a gift at the end of a storm.…… Continue reading Leslie Leyland Fields Interview – Crossing the Waters

Crossing the Waters

When you pass through the waters I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2 The image of water stirs up a lot of things in me. The power. The tranquility. The danger. The beauty. Cancer was my water. Fear-inspiring, yet fused with the beautiful. So hard, yet covered by a peace I cannot explain. The water…… Continue reading Crossing the Waters

Great and Unsearchable Things

A coffee and my Bible. An unanswered why and uncontrollable tears. This is how I started my day. I trust Jesus. I know the Word of God is Truth. I have seen beautiful things come from ugly things this year. But I still have mornings of whys. I’ve wondered why I got cancer. Not in a…… Continue reading Great and Unsearchable Things