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500 Dresses – Update 1

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I had been putting off jumping into a second dress campaign for Haiti because, well, for one, I don’t love to sew. (Ssshhhh, don’t tell my mom.) And two, I knew once I got started there would be no going back. And three, I feared that people wouldn’t want to help out, and I’d be stuck looking like a fool with this lofty goal of 500 dresses and no one but my mom and little old me to sew them. And as I stated above, I don’t love to sew 😉

It turns out, people do want to help. Hallelujah! In fact, in the seven days since my last post more than a dozen people from three different states have volunteered to help by donating financially or sewing dresses.  I’ve even had people who don’t know how to sew ask me to teach them how so they can help. I’ve gotta be honest, the thought of that makes me giggle a little. I guess all those years or torture training in front of my mom’s sewing machine are serving a purpose.

Check out the dress tally I’ve added to my sidebar. I’ll update it each week so you can check back and see our progress.

My friend Melonie made me aware of this link that has great step-by-step instructions for pillowcase dresses if you want to give that a try.

The photo above is of Ann Nealey (she and her husband, Bill, founded Mission to Haiti) giving a young girl a new dress.

If you want to help, I’d love to hear from you!



Author: Kim Harms

I am the wife of a guitar-playing, worship-leading, adventure-loving husband. I am the mother of three incredible sons: two of whom recently surpassed me in height, and one of whom I am going to pretend is still my baby. I am saved by grace; a daughter of the King who was and is and is to come. *** I am a regular contributor at Today’s Christian Woman, a monthly blogger at Inspire a Fire and have freelanced for a variety of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul and Guideposts. *** The 500 Dresses ministry that I started with my mom in 2010 is our way of answering the call to serve those in poverty.

One thought on “500 Dresses – Update 1

  1. Another dress pattern, like a pillowcase dress, but with purchased material.
    you tube video for visual learners

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