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My Dream Vacation


If 15 years ago someone had told me what I’m about to say, I never would have believed them. My dream family vacation includes a 20-ft 20-year-old pop-up camper, a shared shower facility and meals at a picnic table. It’s true. Living outside for a week with my boys gets me excited. We get to use headlight flashlights, hang out in our folding chairs on our astroturf outdoor mat and nobody cares if we have showered or shaved our legs (I guess that legs part only pertains to me).  We find trails to hike, roast marshmallows and pee in the trees. (I only do that when it’s the middle of the night and the bathhouse is too long of a walk 🙂 ) And best of all, we get to do these things as a family – together. (Not the peeing 🙂 )

Being married to Mr. Outdoor Adventure Man, I quickly resigned myself to being a part of a camping family, but I have genuinely come to love it. So much so that I am awaiting the day that Lewis is old enough to carry a pack on his back and walk a few miles so we can go a real family backpacking trip Haverkamp family style. My friend, Tori, and her family take these awesome backpacking vacations to places like Colorado, Alaska and some little uninhabited island.

Corey talked me into doing one of those kinds of trip for our 10th anniversary. You can read about our “practice” trip here and our anniversary trip here. I was completely apprehensive before the first trip, almost to the point of tears as I was packing my milk gallon-sized bag that had to hold all of my clothes and toiletries for two days and two nights. But I loved it. I also loved the hot shower at the end of it, but I enjoyed the hiking too. I have even started reading Backpacker magazine and daydreaming about what trip we might take with the boys in a few years…

So what about you? What’s your Dream Family Vacation? Leave a comment to let me know. Maybe I’ll get some new ideas.


Author: Kim Harms

I am a contributor at CT Women (previously known as Today's Christian Woman where I was a regular contributor as well). I blog monthly at and have freelanced for a variety of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, Thriving Family and Creation Illustrated. Cancer made an unwelcome visit in my breast in January 2016, and I am now working on a book about breast reconstruction after having gone through the insane process myself. My incredible husband of 18 years, Corey, is my biggest writing cheerleader and together we are having a ball raising our three growing boys; Carter 15, Owen 14 and Lewis 10.

6 thoughts on “My Dream Vacation

  1. River rafting through the Grand Canyon. With my family and all of our favorite people. Your family is invited.

  2. I’m all for that trip. Just need wait a couple years so lewis can put on a few pounds so he doesn’t fly out of the raft 🙂

  3. I would love to go see Israel/Jerusalem, Holy places. It would be great to show the kids the places we teach about- I’ve heard there’s something deeply spiritual being where Jesus was. As a family it would be amazing to experience that together. And perhaps we could swing by Hawaii on the way home…. 😉

    My family used to camp- it was a good time, we didn’t go enough!

  4. I met a lady at the writer’s conference who had gone to Isreal/Jerusalem, and she said it was amazing to be where Jesus lived. I think it’d would be an awesome trip. Hawaii is pretty terrific too 🙂

  5. You’ve been to Hawaii!? Of course you have. Otherwise that would have been your dream vacation right?! lol I kid, I kid.

    • . We love Kauai. It’s definitely my dream vacation without kids, and if it didn’t cost so much to get out there, it’d be a nice family vacation too.

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