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Whose Right?


“So there’s nothing I can do?” He called the Crisis Pregnancy Center where I was a volunteer. A young college student with a pregnant girlfriend. She wanted an abortion. He did not. The pain in his voice was genuine as he tried to wrestle his mind around the fact that he had no control over whether or not his child would make it into this world alive.

A rarity. That may be what you are thinking. Maybe so. Maybe young men like him are uncommon. Maybe most college-aged guys would want the quick “easy” way out of an unplanned pregnancy. But the fact is, his child was growing in his girlfriend’s womb, and he was desperate to keep the baby. But his desperation had to be laid at the feet of his girl.

I prayed for him, as did many of the other volunteers. But, as is often the case at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, I never learned of the outcome.  That young man may be the proud father of a little girl or boy, or he may have grieved the child he never knew.  Regardless of where he is today, he had no rights in the arena of his unborn child’s life.

Our society screams out for women’s rights, but in giving a pregnant woman the sole right to end her pregnancy, are we not also stripping away the father’s right to raise his child? Who’s right should it be anyway? Maybe what our society calls a right is not actually a right at all. Maybe it is simply wrong.

If abortion is merely about women’s right ladies and gentlemen, then what were mine? Gianna Jessen.


Author: Kim Harms

I am a contributor at CT Women (previously known as Today's Christian Woman where I was a regular contributor as well). I blog monthly at and have freelanced for a variety of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, Thriving Family and Creation Illustrated. Cancer made an unwelcome visit in my breast in January 2016, and I am now working on a book about breast reconstruction after having gone through the insane process myself. My incredible husband of 18 years, Corey, is my biggest writing cheerleader and together we are having a ball raising our three growing boys; Carter 15, Owen 14 and Lewis 10.

2 thoughts on “Whose Right?

  1. It seems like in such a “progressive” society that giving fathers no rights is taking a giant step backwards. And, quite frankly, hypocritical coming from women who have struggled for their rights (equality in workplace, voting, etc.) for so many years.

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