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The Cross

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This kids’ devo was inspired by a conversation I had with the boys a couple years ago after skipping Good Friday service and watching an Easter cartoon together.  We love the bunny. We love the eggs. And we love the chocolate, (except not the Cadbury eggs – GROSS).  But I am so thankful that Easter is really not about those things at all.


The Cross

Philippians 2:6b “He humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross.”

James winced. Even though it was just a cartoon, it was hard to watch as Roman soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross.

“Why did Jesus have to die? Couldn’t He have saved the world some other way?” he asked his dad.

“If I were Jesus I would just punch the soldiers’ lights out. Or even better, I’d make them disappear. Jesus is God. He could do that, couldn’t he?” piped in Michael.

“He could have,” said their dad. “But would that have taken care of our sin?”

Every year on Good Friday James and Michael watched a movie about Jesus with their mom and dad, and every year they talked about Jesus coming to take away the sins of the world. But this year James felt like his heart was breaking as he thought about what dying on the cross must have been like.

“Whose sin did Jesus die for when he was up on that cross?” their dad asked.

“Ours,” said James.

“Just ours?”

“Well, no. He died for all the sins of everyone.”

“What do you think would be a good punishment for every single sin ever commited by every single person who has ever lived on this earth?”

James and Michael were both silent as they stared at the cartoon drawing on TV of Jesus hanging on the cross. James thought about the time he hit Michael and gave him a bloody nose, and the time he lied to his mom about bringing a snake into the house, and the time he snuck a popsicle after his mom told him he couldn’t have one.

Then he started thinking about all kids in the world and how many sins there would be if they added them all up. And when he started adding in the grown-ups and the horrible things some people do like stealing, abusing and murdering, anything less than dying for that didn’t seem like enough.

“It was the only way, wasn’t it Dad?” he asked. “I think if it were me, I would want to make those soldiers disappear like Michael said, but I sure am glad Jesus didn’t do that. I’m going to think about the Jesus on the cross the next time I want to do something wrong. He loves us an awful lot.”



Author: Kim Harms

I am a contributor at CT Women (previously known as Today's Christian Woman where I was a regular contributor as well). I blog monthly at and have freelanced for a variety of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, Thriving Family and Creation Illustrated. Cancer made an unwelcome visit in my breast in January 2016, and I am now working on a book about breast reconstruction after having gone through the insane process myself. My incredible husband of 18 years, Corey, is my biggest writing cheerleader and together we are having a ball raising our three growing boys; Carter 15, Owen 14 and Lewis 10.

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