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It’s a Minecraft World

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Minecraft Comics

Minecraft Comics

I’m gonna be honest here. I’ve probably let my boys play on their electronic devices a bit too much in the past few months. But I choose to blame the never-ending myriad of winter storms that keep beating us down and relinquish any fault of my own.  Now that my conscience is clear, let me share with you the top quotes I’ve heard as my children and their friends  have been living virtually in their Minecraft worlds. They’ve been working hard in their little block bodies mining precious metals, building things, blowing up Creepers with TNT and protecting themselves from zombies. If only I could get them to empty the garbages and clean the bathroom with such vigor.

I’m stuck in my basement and I can’t find my ladder.


I killed like 5 cows yesterday and I still don’t have any leather.


Zombies are spawning in my castle. It’s not fair.


I didn’t even realize there was gold in my ceiling.


How in the blazes are we going to get down there?


You mine and get sheep. I’ll get wood and other supplies.


Everything is spawning on top of me.


Author: Kim Harms

I am a contributor at CT Women (previously known as Today's Christian Woman where I was a regular contributor as well). I blog monthly at and have freelanced for a variety of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, Thriving Family and Creation Illustrated. Cancer made an unwelcome visit in my breast in January 2016, and I am now working on a book about breast reconstruction after having gone through the insane process myself. My incredible husband of 18 years, Corey, is my biggest writing cheerleader and together we are having a ball raising our three growing boys; Carter 15, Owen 14 and Lewis 10.

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