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Ode to A Pop-up Camper


My man thinks I “misled” him to believe that I was an outdoorsy person in our early days by registering for camping supplies for our wedding and telling him about the camping trips I took as a kid. I guess I forgot to tell him that my family camped in a motorhome and was never without running water…real outdoorsmen carry all their stuff on their back and sleep in a little tent in the woods I guess. How was I to know?

Anyway, this little pop-up was our camping compromise, and we created a million memories in the six years that we owned it. Now we’ve moved on to a bigger rig since our kids just don’t want to stop growing. I’m excited to use the new camper, but I’m also excited to go backpacking with a little tent and no running water (unless you count the river we’ll camp by.) I guess we’ve each rubbed off on each other – I now have a camper with a microwave and air-conditioning and he has a wife who will rough it  on the trail with no modern amenities. I think that means we’re good for each other.

Enjoy my little good-bye pop-up poem. 🙂
camper 2

From Colorado to Superior

From Saylorville to Smushmore

You have provided our family shelter

From the Great American Outdoors


A married couple’s compromise

Twixt a tent and a hotel

For these past six lovely years

You’ve served the Harms family well


But our children keep on growing

And your space feels oh-so-tight

It’s time to say good-bye dear friend

We’ve shared our last vacation night


Author: Kim Harms

I am the wife of a guitar-playing, worship-leading, adventure-loving husband. I am the mother of three incredible sons: two of whom recently surpassed me in height, and one of whom I am going to pretend is still my baby. I am saved by grace; a daughter of the King who was and is and is to come. *** I am a regular contributor at Today’s Christian Woman, a monthly blogger at Inspire a Fire and have freelanced for a variety of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul and Guideposts. *** The 500 Dresses ministry that I started with my mom in 2010 is our way of answering the call to serve those in poverty.

2 thoughts on “Ode to A Pop-up Camper

  1. I haven’t seen those “little” boys for several years; where did they go? I kinda miss them:)

  2. Sometimes I miss them too. But I sure like having boys who are old enough to mow the lawn. 😉

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