5 Things I Learned From My Mom

May 10, 2015 KimHarms 0Comment


1. Never buy clothes at full price.

Case in point: I bought the shirt I wore to church today at Overflow Thrift Shop last fall. I bought the capris at my friend Kerrie’s garage sale a couple years ago. And I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed to say this, but I bought the sandals at a garage sale when I was in college (circa 1996).

2. Let your kids express themselves creatively.

I liked to wear weird clothes in high school. In fact, if you looked at my senior yearbook, you would find my photo under the caption, “Most Unique Dresser.”  (My parents often let me leave the house in things that no normal person would wear, and I found joy in my uniqueness and the fact that my wardrobe embarrassed my older brother.)



3. It’s okay if you don’t like to cook, but you have to do it anyway.

Cooking is my probably my least favorite ‘mom’ job and it was one of mom’s least favorites too. But I cook anyway, and we sit around the table as a family almost nightly. Sometimes we have a really good meal, and sometimes we throw away the gag-inducing tilapia and order a pizza.


4. The ability to sew will come in handy.

I don’t really enjoy sewing, but I can do it. And with boys who have zero extra meat on their bones, it has been super-handy to know how to replace the elastic in shorts and athletic pants. (Though it’s still easier to give them to mom and have her do it.)


5. Love Jesus. 

This is what life is about. Most important lesson learned.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever!

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  1. Thanks to the best daughter ever who also happens to be a super mom to 3 of my favorite grandsons:-)

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