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I am a writer, speaker, regular contributor for Today’s Christian Woman and blogger for Inspire a Fire. I have a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in English: Literary Studies.

Three awesome boys call me mama, and I enjoy encouraging them to be adventurous and take risks.  Cliff jumping into Lake Superior? Go for it! Teach yourself to do backflips on the lawn? By all means.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 20, 2016; one month to the day after turning 40. I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy with the first stage of reconstruction on February 25. In late July, I had the second phase of reconstruction and am now on a 10-year prescription to Tamoxifen (an estrogen inhibitor.) It has been a CRAZY year, but God is good. Always.

I live in Huxley, Iowa with my husband of almost 18 years, Corey, and our ever-growing man-children.  You can find me on twitter at @kimharmsboymom.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Just read your devotional on Christian and want to thank you for that! I really needed that today! Blessings to you!

  2. Hello Kim,
    I just read your guest blog post on Ironic Mom and laughed out loud while reading. I too am a mom of three boys and a very handsome hubby who each give me plenty of material for blog posts. Most importantly, I too am a daughter of the King of Kings. I look forward to reading your Christian Devotions. Thanks for using your gifts and glorifying our Father!

    • Thank you! It’s so nice to “‘meet” mom’s of boys who have a similar mindset to me. Love them well and let them be boys! They are so completely different from me, and I am so thankful to have this front row seat in their lives. And being in the front row includes a lot of talk about body noises and body parts 😉

  3. I knew a Kim Harms who lived in Indy at one time and worked for tourism. Are you the one? I saw your post on TWV and found you here. You’re talented at a young age! I was just starting at your age. Go for it! I didn’t know TCW was still around– online only?

    • It’s not me. I was born and raised in Iowa. It’s -30 with the wind chill here today though, so I wouldn’t mind taking off for a little trip to Indy 🙂
      Thanks so much for the compliment. TCW is primarily online. If I remember right, they still produce two print copies per year.
      I see that you are a WWII writer. I love historical fiction from that time period, and I just read Louie Zamperini’s story in Unbroken and couldn’t put the thing down. It’s fascinating to me.

  4. If you like WWII hist fic, you need to join a FB group that specializes in that. Sarah Sundin is a big Christian author of those novels as is Cara Putnam. I think they’re in charge of the group that is named WWII Fiction Authors & Readers. I love interviewing the ppl who fought for our country then. My blog: i barely have time to work on it but will try to be updating it more often.

  5. Hi Kim, Thank you for sharing your.devotion in the Upper Room. You made the little things so big. Love your eye opening thoughts. Blessings for your.ministry as a writer.

  6. Just tweeted this for you. Great line. Good piece on raising boys in TCW.

  7. Hi Kim! I discovered you from TCW and loved your articles. I have really enjoyed reading your posts here and feel blessed by your writing, insight, and experiences! Is there any way I could connect with you via email? May the Lord continue to use your gifts to encourage others! Blessings

  8. Hi Kim, thanks so much for sharing your article on public schooling as a Christian. I’m a Christian mum in Australia and we are getting ready to send our eldest Son Lewis to big school next year. We have prayed n prayed about the decision and felt Gid confirmed the public school up the road…but I’m starting to doubt and am stressing about the bad influences he may encounter..your article helped. I need to trust where Hes led so far and if He wants something different He will tell us. So thanks its been a blessing. Any other tips to help us with the transition would be great and prayer too. Thanks, Melissa

    • Thanks for sharing that with me Melissa. We now have two teenagers and a 9-year-old in public school. I know no two schools are the same, but we have (for the most part) had a really good public school experience. I don’t know how the school system works in Australia, but during the early school years, I was able to volunteer in my boys’ classes twice per month. It gave me an inside look at the classroom and allowed me to get to know their teachers. I pray that your public school experience is a good one.

  9. Kim, can I order 2 pillows for support , I’m going to have mastectomy probably ist week of april. If not. That’s okay, thank you for your blog.

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