Boy Mom Monday – Proverbs 1:33 SAFETY

Proverbs 1:33 But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease without fear of harm. “You really let your kids shoot nails?” My friend and I were drinking coffee on my deck, and a few minutes prior she had witnessed the workings of my middle son’s most recent project. A handmade…… Continue reading Boy Mom Monday – Proverbs 1:33 SAFETY

The Routinely Repeated Prayer

BOYS. Every single one of the backsides in the back row of that photo belongs to a boy. Why is that a big deal you ask? Because my boys have long been almost the only boys in their age-group at church. Just Carter, Owen and a sea of girls. I’m sure at some point in…… Continue reading The Routinely Repeated Prayer

My 33-Word School Day Prayer

At some point during the morning rush each day these words run through my mind. Dear Lord, Please protect their eyes from seeing things they should not see their ears from hearing things they should not hear and their mouths from saying things they should not say. Amen. It’s tempting to feel like I need…… Continue reading My 33-Word School Day Prayer