A Story About Obedience and A Boy: A guest post

March 4, 2014 KimHarms 0Comment



I had the opportunity to write a guest post titled A Story About Obedience and A Boy  yesterday for Alphonsine Imaniraguha over at A Soothing Voice. The story is one some of you have heard, but it is one of those amazing “only God could do this” kind of things. Something I still can’t think about without tears. If you have a few minutes, hop on over to her blog to check it out. And take a look at her ministry, Rising Above the Storms, while you are there.

I’ve known Alphonsine for a couple years and if you have spent a little time on this blog, you are probably familiar with her too. She is allowing God to use her tragic story for his purposes. (If you every have a chance to go hear her speak, do it!)

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