Flip Shots on YouTube (A Shameless Plug)

December 28, 2018 KimHarms 0Comment

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.

Dorothy Parker

My middle son, Owen, was born with equal parts imagination and a determination (stubbornness may be a more accurate term.) I believe both of these things play a role in his ability to create some pretty cool trick-shot videos for Flip Shots, his YouTube channel. I didn’t always appreciate the screaming little towhead throwing fits in public places… but I do love to see that determination come through when he teaches himself new things like how to use video-editing software.

I’m a bit of a biased mama, but I think a lot of Owen’s videos are really great. 🙂 The one I’ve embedded in this post is about to hit 1000 views. It will be his second video to hit 1k, which is kind of a big deal in the YouTube world. If you have some time during this weird, in-between-holidays week, take 2 minutes and 11 seconds to watch my boy do some cool stuff with a basketball, and push him over 1000 views.

Happy New Year to all!

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