November 3, 2016 KimHarms 3Comment

Just before my exchange surgery in July, I posted 6 things I planned to do with my post cancer-invasion self. So here I am to brag that I’ve accomplished all but one 🙂 (Backpacking requires some wilderness and a trail, both of which Central Iowa is a little short on, so that one’s gonna have to wait.) SLEEP I am a lover of sleep. I’m neither a night owl, nor an early bird. I’ve always been the girl who could happily go to bed at 10 and sleep until 9 given the opportunity. But things changed in January when that darn tumor freaked…

October 20, 2016 KimHarms 9Comment

(I was asked to write my breast cancer story for our local paper as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The following is just a little piece of 2016 in the Harms house. It’s a bit longer than my typical blog posts, but I am publishing it as it was printed in the paper.) The hardest part is telling your kids. Watching your child navigate heartache is painful. But when you are the one who causes the heartache, it is almost unbearable. We sat in front of the fireplace, Corey and I. It was January 21. Two days after…

September 24, 2016 KimHarms

Photo by Katie Swanson Sweet saturating sunshine  Remind me always of how Jesus enveloped us in light even when days were dark.

May 21, 2016 KimHarms

My monthly blog post is up at Inspire a Fire today. I reflected on our moving lifestyle, and why I don’t think we’re crazy. 🙂 Below you can read the start of the story and find a link to the full post. I remember the day I realized I married a mover. I’m not talking about a guy who drives a big truck and makes his money relocating other people. Corey wanted to move me. Every two or three years. “It will be a great financial investment,” he said. “Plus you’ll get to live in a brand new house every…

April 16, 2016 KimHarms

It’s my day to blog over at Inspire a Fire. It’s just a short sweet post about childhood memories including my own version of George Ella Lyon’s poem Where I’m From. If need a creative challenge on this lovely Saturday, try writing your own Where I’m From.  It’s a lot of fun (unless you are not a word person, in which case it could be a torturous experience.) Where I’m From – Family Heritage @ Inspire a Fire.