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A “Thank You for Reading My Words” Book Giveaway

A “Thank You for Reading My Words” Book Giveaway

Dee Dee Parker wrote a sweet children’s book when her daughter, Brooke, was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. All of the proceeds from the sale of Josie Jo’s Got to Know benefit Breast Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Awareness and Cancer Patient Expenses. Josie Jo’s Got to Know is available on Amazon, but Dee Dee kindly gave me a signed copy to give away here at Life Reconstructed. To thank you for reading my words, one of you will win this sweet, fun children’s book with fantastic illustrations.

Thank you for spending some of the precious minutes in your day reading what I have to say about breast reconstruction, boy momming and believing Jesus through it all.

Thank you for sending me messages of encouragement. Though I don’t write for praise, I’m not gonna tell you I dislike it when I learn that my words were meaningful to someone else.

Thank you for sharing this website with other people. Part of being a writer is promoting your own work (my least favorite part of my job:) )  So I greatly appreciate it when you share my posts or comment on my posts or encourage someone else to click my Facebook like box.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Photo by Kim Harms

The following are three ways to get your name in the drawing.

1.     Leave a comment at the end of this post naming something you are thankful for.

2.     Like my page on Facebook if you haven’t done so already.

3.     Subscribe to receive my posts through your email.

The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, November 22.

Comments ( 8 )

  1. ReplyJan
    So much to be thankful for, hard to pick just one, so I think I will start with you Kimberly Harms!
    • ReplyKimHarms
      Ah thanks Mom :) I'm thankful for you too!
  2. ReplyWendy
    I'm so thankful that Jesus Christ died and rose again!
    • ReplyKimHarms
      The best gift ever! Thanks for commenting Wendy!
  3. ReplyCathy
    I'm thankful for you -- for your courage that unleashes hope in the hearts of your readers. I love this book -- I have one for each set of grandchildren. Praying you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving, Kim. God bless you!
  4. ReplyKimHarms
    Thanks Cathy :) I've found a lot of encouragement in the things you write too! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family as well.
  5. ReplyCathy Van Maanen
    I am thankful for my dysfunctional, weird family. I truly love their individuality and pray that someday we come back together. If I'm not thankful, I'll miss out.
    • ReplyKimHarms
      I love that. "If I'm not thankful, I'll miss out." So very true.

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