February 27, 2018 KimHarms 0Comment

I’d like to introduce you to Wildfire Magazine. I came across it while doing some breast cancer research online, and it’s a fantastic resource. Real stories written by real women who’ve had a wide variety of experiences with breast cancer, from the early stages all the way to Stage 4.

This month’s theme is Infertility, and the magazine is filled with beautifully written, raw stories.

Next month, the theme is Body Image, and I am honored that I will have an article in that issue.

Wildfire is a wonderful community of women whose lives have been changed by cancer. And it’s led by creator and editor in chief, April Johnson Stearns, who made my day last week when she sent me a little gift in the mail – a copy of this month’s issue, some coffee and some chocolate (pictured above.)

I’ve added a link to Wildfire in the sidebar on my homepage.  Go ahead and take a peek.



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