A Sobering Look at Metastatic Breast Cancer from Wildfire Magazine

March 8, 2018 KimHarms 0Comment

Last week I introduced you to Wildfire Magazine. This week I am directing you to a blog post I read there a while back.

I am forever thankful that the lump in my breast was right at my bra line, because I don’t think I would have otherwise found it so early. Though mastectomies and breast reconstruction suck, I’m also thankful that they were my course of treatment, and my cancer is gone. My chances of a second diagnosis are low, and I don’t live in fear of its return, but for some women it does return. That’s just reality.

There are many many women out there living with Stage 4 breast cancer. They will be in treatment for the rest of their lives. I found the following blog post at Wildfire educational and sobering, and I hope you will too.

10 Things Your Friend With Metastatic Breast Cancer Needs You to Understand Now

If you’re like me, you like concrete how-tos, clear directions, tried and true recipes, do this not that, that sort of thing. There is nothing so frustrating as wanting a map of a new place and not having one. That’s how I have felt the last several years when it comes to breast cancer awareness and Metastatic Breast Cancer. I want to know specifically how to be a good friend to those with MBC.

Lacking the map, I’ve decided to simply ask. So, recently I’ve spent a lot of time talking to women with MBC, asking how I — an early stager — can support & advocate for women in the breast cancer community whom have been diagnosed Stage IV. The women I talked to were very happy to help me and now I have for you (and me) this list.

1. Being metastatic is just awful luck, not something a person did or didn’t do. Many are diagnosed de novo metastatic, before they even knew that was a thing.

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