Let’s Be Aware of the Guy

On this first day of breast cancer awareness month, let’s be aware of the guy.

  • The guy who has to answer a phone call from his wife while he is at work in the middle of The-Project-From-Hell and learn that she found a new lump and her oncologist is squeezing her into the schedule that afternoon.
  • The guy who is awakened at 2 a.m. by a wife who is in so much pain from surgery that she cannot bear to be awake alone.
  • The guy who has to put on a brave face and shave his wife’s head.
  • The guy who desperately wants to fix it, but can only watch the one he loves be poisoned time and time again in an effort to kill the cancer.
  • The guy who is repeatedly asked, “How is your wife doing?” but rarely, “How are you doing?”

Let’s be aware of that guy. Mine is selfless and humble and I thank Jesus for him Every. Single. Day.

By KimHarms

Kim Harms is an author, speaker, and part-time library assistant with two decades of freelance writing experience. She has a degree in English from Iowa State University. She and her husband Corey have three super-awesome sons and one crazy dog. A two-time breast cancer survivor, her first book, Life Reconstructed: Navigating the World of Mastectomies and Breast Reconstruction (Familius), is a guide for women walking the breast cancer road. She is currently working on her second book, a devotional for women going through breast cancer.

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