Need some gift ideas for a mom, daughter, wife or friend who is having a mastectomy and breast reconstruction? The following are 10 useful things to make her feel loved.

A Soft Blanket

My BFF gave me this Sherpa blanket. As you can see I wasn’t the only one in my house who loved it. This blanket saw me through a lot of sleepless nights.


Mastectomy Pillows

You’re in luck. We provide those for free here, because my mom and her friends, The Bosom Buddies, are giving and caring and overall awesome in every way. Just head to my FREE Mastectomy pillow page at the top and make a request if this is something a gift you’d like to give someone.


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A Massage Gift Card

My chest muscles were moved to a new location (over the top of my implants) in the reconstruction process. This not only affected those chest muscles but all the muscles attached to them. I made a few trips to a local massage therapist to help loosen up the muscles around my chest.


Photo By Kim Harms


Best gift ever really. Bake casseroles or buy gift cards to restaurants. Anything that takes away the stress of “what am I going to feed my family tonight?” Our deep freeze was so packed with meals that I didn’t have to cook for more than two months. Some of the meals we received tested the range of our bland Harms family taste buds, but all that food was an amazing gift. (This photo is from a celebration dinner at Johnnie’s Steakhouse after a cancer-free check-up.)


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These were a total indulgence gift and I loved every single bite. You can order them to be shipped to her door here.


A Journal

I found journaling to be therapeutic, but even if your friend isn’t a writer, it’s handy to have a journal for those first few weeks to keep track of meds and drainage.


Seatbelt Cover

You can find these in a variety of sizes and styles. Seat belts are super uncomfortable after surgery. These take the edge off of the discomfort. The ones pictured are from this ETSY store.


Soft Socks or Slippers

A friend gave me this cute pair of soft warm non-skid watermelon socks for the hospital and they were awesome!



My lips were super dry after surgery, so chapstick was a must have.


Button-Down P.J.s or Shirts

Button-down or zipper front shirts are so handy when you can’t lift your arms over your head! My friends gave me these jammies, and I wore them an awful lot.