500 Dresses

I’m breaking from my Sanctity of Life month guest posts to take part in the Third-Thursday-Thoughts Hearts at Home blog hop. This month’s theme: Love Your Dreams/Goals. This will not be a super-duper-well-planned post about all my hopes and dreams for the new year because, well, my life is kind of in an upheaval right now.…… Continue reading 500 Dresses

The Santa Dilemma

Welcome if you are visiting from the Hearts at Home Third Thursday Blog Hop.  This month’s topic One Perfect God got me thinking about the perfect Jesus and the jolly old elf Santa. Read on to see how the Santa dilemma went down at our house this year.  “Mom is Santa real?” my curious six-year-old…… Continue reading The Santa Dilemma

Merry Christmas. . . Pass the Puke Pail

Corey and I both got diarrhea on our Cancun honeymoon. (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mind me sharing that.) I guess they really mean it when they say “Don’t drink the water.” Months after that, we both got the flu and clung to our porcelain throne together in our iddy-biddy apartment bathroom. We learned quite…… Continue reading Merry Christmas. . . Pass the Puke Pail

My Friend Who Almost Wasn’t

She stands over six feet tall and doesn’t mind sliding a cuss word into a conversation. I am five three on a good day and have been advised from birth that swearing is bad bad bad.  She moved into the gray house across the street just weeks after we finished unpacking our new home. I…… Continue reading My Friend Who Almost Wasn’t