FREE Mastectomy Pillows and Seatbelt  Covers (Port Protectors for chemo patients)

After my bilateral mastectomy, I kind of wished I had Mrs. Potato Head arms that I could take off at will. It’s painful to let your arms hang naturally at your side after such a traumatic event has happened to your chest. It is especially painful on the side where the lymph node surgery takes place.

My mom made me some small pillows to help with comfort and pain relief after surgery. They were wonderful and became part of my arsenal for dealing with the pain. Strong drugs helped as well 🙂

Since that time Mom and two of her good friends (each of whom have had daughters with cancer) have made hundreds of pillows and seatbelt covers to give away. They call themselves the Bosom Buddies and have provided these free gifts to women in 34 states and to medical centers in 4 states. They are pretty awesome, wonderful, giving ladies and they’d love to bless you.

If you are in need of either of these products, please contact me via the form below. In the Message box, please include your request (one mastectomy pillow, two mastectomy pillows, seatbelt cover) and your mailing address. If you don’t hear from me within 2 days, please email your request to kimharms@rocketmail.com. (I’m having some technical issues with the form. Thanks for your patience!)

*Please remember to include your MAILING ADDRESS with your request. We cannot send you pillows without an address.

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