Of Cancer and Little Boys

Up the ladder On the loft She snuggles in with her boy Her hand on his small back Memorizing the little bumps of his spine That mole on his shoulder The silk of his hair Scratching his back until his rhythmic breath Informs her of sleep. There is only this moment. Only she and her…… Continue reading Of Cancer and Little Boys

Lightbulb Moments

Photo courtesy of GaborfromHungary @morguefile.com

I didn’t know it at the time, but the day I met Jolene Philo in 2011 was the beginning of a long writing journey that ultimately led to a contract with a literary agent and most recently a contract with a publishing house for my first book.  Jolene and I meet at Panera to eat…… Continue reading Lightbulb Moments

These Feet Will Walk Away – A Mama’s Mini Memoir

His feet are adorable. I sit here beside my sleeping teenager who is slowly coming out of anesthesia. With an IV in his hand, warm blankets on his lap and cute one-size-fits-all footies on his size 12 feet, I can’t stop looking at him. He just had a procedure that will hopefully give us answers…… Continue reading These Feet Will Walk Away – A Mama’s Mini Memoir

For This Child I Prayed

Photo By Katie Swanson Photography

He sings most nights. People find it cute that my youngest lulls himself to sleep with song. But I know those melodies are God reminding me, “Enjoy this one and remember what I did for you.” Years ago, my best friend and I found out we were pregnant within weeks of each other. I was…… Continue reading For This Child I Prayed

Flip Shots on YouTube (A Shameless Plug)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfoNPeGHfDg Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.Dorothy Parker My middle son, Owen, was born with equal parts imagination and a determination (stubbornness may be a more accurate term.) I believe both of these things play a role in his ability to create some pretty cool trick-shot videos for Flip Shots, his YouTube…… Continue reading Flip Shots on YouTube (A Shameless Plug)