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Wildfire Magazine

I’ve had the honor of writing a couple articles for this magazine devoted to young women with breast cancer. The stories in here are varied and heartfelt and make you feel like you aren’t alone.

Wildfire Link


Ticking Off Breast Cancer/Future Dreams

** Provides a safe supportive breast cancer community. ** Provides straightforward practical advice about breast cancer treatment and easy-to-navigate links to reputable online resources. ** Provides easily accessible expert and professional advice on a range of topics relevant to breast cancer treatment. ** Provides companionship to someone going through breast cancer treatment by sharing personal stories.


Braving Chemo

I found this book super helpful as I prepared for and went through chemo. It’s written in a way that you don’t have to read it chronogically. Just pick and choose what you need as you need it. Definitely a good resource.

Braving Chemo Link

All things Breast Reconstruction related.

Breast Reconstruction Link



Not only is Terri Coutee at DiepCJourney a breast cancer survivor, she is an advocate for women walking through the reconstruction process. Especially those women who choose Diep Flap reconstruction.

DeipCJourney Link


8 Perspectives

When people are comfortable enough to ask me about breast reconstruction, one of the things they want to know is “What was the hardest part?” It’s a tough question to answer because there are so many hard things about it both physically and emotionally. Eight women (who represent a variety of breast reconstruction procedures) attempt to answer that question in the link below.

The Hardest Part of Breast Reconstruction Link


Future Dreams

An excerpt from my book, Life Reconstructed, published at Future Dreams.

Intimacy After Mastectomy

Though my writing has been pretty sporadic this year during cancer treatment, I did write this piece on some things I’ve learned about suffering.

When Suffering Lingers Article

Christian Today Article

I wrote this article detailing unexpected communication struggles Corey and I had after I was diagnosed. There is a chapter in Life Reconstructed devoted to this as well.

Breast Cancer Marred My Picture-Perfect Marriage Link

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