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Wildfire Magazine

I’ve had the honor of writing a couple articles for this magazine devoted to young women with breast cancer.

Wildfire Link


All things Breast Reconstruction related.

Breast Reconstruction Link


Ticking Off Breast Cancer/Future Dreams

** Provides a safe supportive breast cancer community. ** Provides straightforward practical advice about breast cancer treatment and easy-to-navigate links to reputable online resources. ** Provides easily accessible expert and professional advice on a range of topics relevant to breast cancer treatment. ** Provides companionship to someone going through breast cancer treatment by sharing personal stories.



Not only is Terri Coutee at DiepCJourney a breast cancer survivor, she is an advocate for women walking through the reconstruction process. Especially those women who choose Diep Flap reconstruction.

DeipCJourney Link


8 Perspectives

When people are comfortable enough to ask me about breast reconstruction, one of the things they want to know is “What was the hardest part?” It’s a tough question to answer because there are so many hard things about it both physically and emotionally. Eight women (who represent a variety of breast reconstruction procedures) attempt to answer that question in the link below.

The Hardest Part of Breast Reconstruction Link


Christian Today Article

I wrote this article detailing unexpected communication struggles Corey and I had after I was diagnosed. There is a chapter in Life Reconstructed devoted to this as well.

Breast Cancer Marred My Picture-Perfect Marriage Link

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