When Oceans Rise

Tiny little me to the left of the palm tree. Last month I sat on a 5th floor balcony, endless blue in front of me and the continual sound of crashing waves backgrounding the slowly rising early morning sun. A fresh vacation journal sat on my lap and Oceans by Hillsong streamed through my Spotify.…… Continue reading When Oceans Rise

Striking Matches

“Why haven’t you?” A disabled James asked Jesus this question about his own healing when Jesus was sending him on a mission to heal others  in an episode of The Chosen that Corey and I watched this week. Jesus’ reply –  “Because I trust you. . . In the Father’s will I could heal you,…… Continue reading Striking Matches

Breast Cancer Take Two

Since finding a lump in my armpit on the eve of the 7th anniversary of my first breast cancer diagnosis, my life has been moving in both high speed and slow motion.  Appointments, ultrasounds, biopsies, tests, scans, x-rays. . . And in between all those things, the waiting and waiting for phone calls with answers…… Continue reading Breast Cancer Take Two

Always and In All Things

Many mornings over the past six years, the first ink to flow through my pen into my prayer journal comes out, “God, you are good.” There is a depth of the goodness of Jesus that I did not understand until he took my hand and walked through the fire with me. And because of that…… Continue reading Always and In All Things