5 Best Books of 2023 (in random order)

According to Goodreads I read 46 books this year. Several of them were boy-meets-girl-who-just-inherited-a-run-down-coastal-bed-and-breakfast fluff because you just need to read some predictable unrealistic love stories when you are experiencing a year of unparalleled yuckiness. My top 5 are not fluff. This is Going to Hurt is both hilarious and a bit sad. I listened…… Continue reading 5 Best Books of 2023 (in random order)

Prequel To Verzenio

The pharmacist called to outline all the possible side effects of my newest stay-the-heck-out-of-my-body cancer drug. It’s historically been for women with MBC, but was recently approved for use in earlier stages for certain women. Since I’ve won the cancer lottery twice, I’m a “certain woman.” The side effect list for Verzenio is long and…… Continue reading Prequel To Verzenio

When Oceans Rise

Tiny little me to the left of the palm tree. Last month I sat on a 5th floor balcony, endless blue in front of me and the continual sound of crashing waves backgrounding the slowly rising early morning sun. A fresh vacation journal sat on my lap and Oceans by Hillsong streamed through my Spotify.…… Continue reading When Oceans Rise