Always and In All Things

Many mornings over the past six years, the first ink to flow through my pen into my prayer journal comes out, “God, you are good.” There is a depth of the goodness of Jesus that I did not understand until he took my hand and walked through the fire with me. And because of that…… Continue reading Always and In All Things

Books & Beverages @ Dog-Eared Books

If you find yourself in Central Iowa on January 20, come see me at Dog-Eared books. I will be a part of their Books & Beverages night and would love to chat with you. They will have my book available for purchase or feel free to bring your already purchased book in for me to…… Continue reading Books & Beverages @ Dog-Eared Books

A Tale of Two Artists

“To Mom and Dad, somehow you ended up with one artist and one writer and you never told either of us to “Go get real jobs.”Life Reconstructed Acknowledgments Page My brother is an artist. He creates things that are crazy detailed and beautiful. There are bull sculptures covered in gold leaf in some glitzy steakhouses…… Continue reading A Tale of Two Artists

The Sound of a Name

She didn’t know it was him. Not until he said, “Mary.” She was looking for Jesus’ body after arriving to find an empty tomb, when Jesus himself asked her, “Woman, why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” But she didn’t recognize him until he spoke her name. There is something intimate…… Continue reading The Sound of a Name

Of Cancer and Little Boys

Up the ladder On the loft She snuggles in with her boy Her hand on his small back Memorizing the little bumps of his spine That mole on his shoulder The silk of his hair Scratching his back until his rhythmic breath Informs her of sleep. There is only this moment. Only she and her…… Continue reading Of Cancer and Little Boys