Harms in the Haunted Hotel

Sometimes you just need to quit laundry and cleaning and cooking and taxi-driving and writing to spend some quality time with your wild and crazy boys in a haunted hotel: complete with bonus Corey Harms Scares. That man – and his children – find way too much joy in freaking me out. ~Thanks to the Wilderness…… Continue reading Harms in the Haunted Hotel

View from the Bleachers

“Why can’t you see what I can see!?!” There are days I’d like to try to knock some vision into my children. I’ve paid attention over the years. I think I have a pretty good sense of their giftedness and their capabilities. And I usually believe I know the best way for them to reach…… Continue reading View from the Bleachers

A Time to Hold On and A Time to Let Go

Sometimes my kids say things on the fly that resonate with me for a long time afterwards. This following little Lewis phrase is one of those statements. Letting go is hard. In this case it was literal, but in parenting it seems I am always figuratively letting go of something I want to hold on…… Continue reading A Time to Hold On and A Time to Let Go

Whiteboard Wednesday Guest Post @ Ironic Mom

To those of you whose exposure to male children is minimal and/or whose faces turn varying shades of pink at the mention of certain body parts, please consider this a caution. You may not want to read my guest post at Ironic Mom today. It is not my typical blog post, but it is a…… Continue reading Whiteboard Wednesday Guest Post @ Ironic Mom