April 14, 2014 KimHarms

As I admired all the beautiful prom dresses at church today, I was reminded that I will never help a daughter prepare for a formal. And I thought of several reasons why that is probably a very good thing. 1. I have never had nor do I ever plan to get a pedicure. 2. I’ve had one professional manicure: the day before my wedding. 3. I own exactly 2 purses. The gray one I bought at Goodwill, and the black one I’ve had since college. 4. I own one necklace, three rings and four pairs of earrings. 5. All of my make-up (except for the…

March 20, 2014 KimHarms

My 10-year-old son does not like church. While my worship leader husband stands before the congregation singing and drawing hearts into focus, I stand by a boy who doesn’t even move his lips. In the past this frustrated me immensely. I wanted everyone to see my kids following the rules and singing with smiles on their faces. I wanted them to see that the Harms family had it all together. But, as I struggled through my frustrations, I became aware of the sinfulness in my attitude. Like the cup Jesus speaks of in Luke 11:39, I was trying to look squeaky…

December 26, 2013 KimHarms

There’s nothing like sleeping beneath the Christmas tree. At least that’s what my boys think. I love their annual tradition of spending a night each December under the tree with their daddy.

November 4, 2013 KimHarms

Blessed are the youngest children, for they shall reap the benefits of parents who have relaxed the rules. As my six-year-old zombie ran door-to-door trick-or-treating, I couldn’t help but think about the ways I have changed as a parent over the years. I’m sure I could come up with many examples, but here are five that came to mind quickly. 1. Halloween Costumes There’s no way I would have let my other two be such scary characters for Halloween, but Lewis went as one of the brain-eating-undead. And you can see by the photo, he played the zombie role well….