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November 9, 2015 KimHarms 1Comment


Proverbs 8:35 For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the Lord.

My kids sometimes play the game sardines with their friends. In sardines, one person hides and the rest of the group tries to find him.  When a seeker finds the hider, he hides alongside him. This pattern continues until only one seeker is left. That last one left seeking is the loser.

The kids who don’t pay close attention as the other players start disappearing tend to be the least successful in the game. It’s all about seeking with purpose and joining those who have found the right spot.

Life can be a little like sardines. Our boys can be like that last seeker. It’s so easy to get sucked into playing video games, watching youtube videos or just counting the hours until the 3:00 school bell. None of which are in and of themselves bad, but when meaningless activities are the primary focus of all their days, they are missing out on a life lived on purpose.

Without learning to seek God as they grow into young adults, they will be left out of his blessing, never finding the right spot and ending up the loser.

We parents need to help them find the right spot. We need to point them to Christ where they will find life. The world is certainly not going to do it for us.

My hope for my boys is that (though they love their video games, their Good Mythical Morning and their Dude Perfect) they will seek God purposefully and join those who have found the right place. God promises when they do, they won’t regret it.


Dear Lord, Will you give my children a desire to seek you? Will you make yourself easy to find when they seek, and will you then also give them favor when they have found you, the true treasure? Amen.

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