December 5, 2017 KimHarms 1Comment

“Why am I not more like her?” you think as she walks into the room. She is beautiful and poised and confident. Everybody loves her. You just know she was meant to do big things. And then you step in front of a mirror and you see your mousey brown hair or your freckled face or your body shape that has always left you feeling insecure and your initial thoughts are reinforced. God obviously has awesome plans for her, but you were born to hide in the shadows. You don’t even let yourself think about the possibility of big things….

September 16, 2017 KimHarms

I’m talking about cancer and water and sinking and faith strengthened by a stormy sea at today. You can start reading here and follow the link at the bottom to the rest of the story.   When you pass through the waters I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2 The image of water was a big deal to me during my cancer year. The power. The tranquility. The danger. The beauty. Cancer was my water. Fear-inspiring, yet fused with the beautiful. So hard, yet covered by a peace I cannot explain. The water was rough, but Jesus was constant….

July 30, 2016 KimHarms 6Comment

A coffee and my Bible. An unanswered why and uncontrollable tears. This is how I started my day. I trust Jesus. I know the Word of God is Truth. I have seen beautiful things come from ugly things this year. But I still have mornings of whys. I’ve wondered why I got cancer. Not in a Why me? I don’t deserve this kind of way. (I have honestly never struggled with that.) But more in a What purpose does this serve in my life? kind of way. I know God wouldn’t run me through the wringer for nothing, but I don’t have a…