Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb – A Brief Review

Disclaimer: I have not hopped on the zombie train. I’m easily freaked out and living-dead-people-who-want-to-eat-my-brains aren’t really my thing. I do, however, think the minecraft zombies are kind of cute in a weird sort of way. That said, I was browsing amazon the other day looking for books for my boys. They are really into…… Continue reading Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb – A Brief Review

5 Things Backpackers Do

1. Pee outside. Seriously, this is the view from the commode at our first potty break. I doubt there’s a 5-star hotel out there that can boast of a view like this from the toilet. 2. Bathe in deet. It feels like it anyway. Nothing like rubbing 98% deet all over every exposed part of…… Continue reading 5 Things Backpackers Do