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Perler Beads and a Creative Mind



Perler beads and the mind of a creative six-year-old boy can be a dangerous combination. Ten purposeless points to the first person who correctly guesses what this. Go!

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  1. ReplyJulieK
    I'm guessing it has something to do with poop. :)
  2. ReplyKim Harms
    And the first guess is a winner! You're so smart Julie :) I thought he was making an ice-cream cone. And if you flip it upside-down it looks kind of like a minecraft villager head. But nope, it is a butt pooping. Because poop is always always always funny.
  3. ReplyWendy
    Wow...hmm...I thought it was a penis. Well. Glad I didn't say that to everyone!
    • ReplyKim Harms
      Once I posted the picture I had that same thought Wendy. ;) And my next thought was, "Oh no, people are gonna think I'm just posting about penises all the time now..."
  4. ReplyCala Smoldt
    I sure have missed you ladies. Just now coming in on this conversation... I think I need to do some back reading. Always in for a good read. (*giggle*)

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