July 10, 2015 KimHarms 2Comment

I started it a year ago, but it’s complete and installed now and that’s what counts right? All it took to motivate me was a funky smell in my boy’s bedroom which necessitated the removal of all items in search of possible culprits. The miscreant is still a mystery, but the bedroom is darn clean and smelling fresh. Plus, now there is a designated place for hanging weapons. Something every eight-year-old needs.

April 14, 2014 KimHarms

As I admired all the beautiful prom dresses at church today, I was reminded that I will never help a daughter prepare for a formal. And I thought of several reasons why that is probably a very good thing. 1. I have never had nor do I ever plan to get a pedicure. 2. I’ve had one professional manicure: the day before my wedding. 3. I own exactly 2 purses. The gray one I bought at Goodwill, and the black one I’ve had since college. 4. I own one necklace, three rings and four pairs of earrings. 5. All of my make-up (except for the…