It’s a “Yay! I’m in a Book” Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Giveaway

How fitting that while we were on the Superior Hiking Trail for our first ever family overnight backpacking trip, this arrived in the mail. A box of Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Devotional Stories for Women  books with a devotional story I wrote based on my first ever backpacking trip with Corey, which also happened to be on…… Continue reading It’s a “Yay! I’m in a Book” Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Giveaway

Lake Superior Leap

I’ve been awol from the online world for a week doing adventurous things like leaping off this rocky ledge into the shockingly cold waters of Lake Superior. Brave Carter was the ringleader, but all five of us took our turn. (Even Lewis hopped in to Corey’s waiting arms. Corey wins the award for being in…… Continue reading Lake Superior Leap

Manifestations of Smallness

The reality is – Through the Holy Spirit dwelling in me I can experience peace even in uncertain and uncomfortable circumstances. The reality is –  Because of God’s great love, I am continually on the receiving end of gifts of grace. The reality is –  because Christ took on human form and  gave himself up…… Continue reading Manifestations of Smallness

Rising Above the Storms – Alphonsine’s Story and Passion

If you’ve been reading 26 Letters for a while, you have met Alphonsine. She has shared bits of her story of surviving and overcoming the horrors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and of God’s awesome provision in her adult life. Alphonsine now lives and works in the US and has a passion to use her life experience…… Continue reading Rising Above the Storms – Alphonsine’s Story and Passion

5 Things Backpackers Do

1. Pee outside. Seriously, this is the view from the commode at our first potty break. I doubt there’s a 5-star hotel out there that can boast of a view like this from the toilet. 2. Bathe in deet. It feels like it anyway. Nothing like rubbing 98% deet all over every exposed part of…… Continue reading 5 Things Backpackers Do