August 21, 2015 KimHarms

I’m over on  The Mid at Scary Mommy today giving advice to my younger self. Feel free to check it out. An author/teacher whom I have an immense amount of respect for said that the best advice he ever got as a writer was, “You must be willing to walk down the street naked.” Every time a piece of me goes out into the world of cyber-space via an article I’ve written, I have a better understanding of what that statement means.

July 10, 2015 KimHarms 2Comment

I started it a year ago, but it’s complete and installed now and that’s what counts right? All it took to motivate me was a funky smell in my boy’s bedroom which necessitated the removal of all items in search of possible culprits. The miscreant is still a mystery, but the bedroom is darn clean and smelling fresh. Plus, now there is a designated place for hanging weapons. Something every eight-year-old needs.

June 10, 2015 KimHarms 2Comment

Tonight begins Middle School Moms group at my house. (I know it’s a terribly creative name isn’t it?) As I sit wondering about the moms I’m going to get to know better and the kids I’m going to have the opportunity to pray for this summer, I am reminded of this poem I wrote a couple years ago. A poem about a little boy who still lives in the world where holding mama’s hand in public is as natural as giggling with his friends. I have one boy who holds my hand still, but time moves fast, and middle-schoolers love their mama in…

May 28, 2015 KimHarms 2Comment

The Harms and Skow boys in a rare moment of stillness.   My friend (the one I wrote about here) recently reworked some children’s poems for The Des Moines Moms Blog. She is one of the few people in the this world who can make me laugh and cry at the same time, which is just what I did when I read these for the first time the other day.  If you are in the mood for a good laugh/cry, read on… “You Are My I Love You” – (Original) Maryann K. Cusimano I am your…

May 20, 2015 KimHarms

My article, Raising Strong, Christian Boys: 5 Ways I’m Building Up My Sons’ Character, went live at Today’s Christian Woman today. I love it that I am blessed with the opportunity to write for Today’s Christian Woman. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to write my heart, and get paid to do it 🙂 However, every time I write a parenting article, this little voice inside my head says, “Your kids haven’t grown up yet. You still have plenty of time to screw them up.” I silence it with prayer, and the knowledge that God is in control, and I…