April 10, 2014 KimHarms

It was all because of the flying cheese. I was tucking my little man into bed when he made his cheese confession. “Mom, I forgot to tell you something.” (Lewis, who shares pretty much every detail of his every day life with me, “forgot” to tell me something…my ears perked up immediately.) “What’s that buddy?” “I had to go to the principal’s office today.” If my youngest had had previous incidents involving disobedience and disruptive behavior in school, this may have upset me a little bit. But as he is a pretty well-behaved, albeit un-Harms-ishly social six-year-old, I was more intrigued…

December 16, 2013 KimHarms

I thought I was all done Christmas shopping. Everything is even wrapped and under the tree. (Except for the two items I’m waiting for the UPS man to leave on my front porch. How do I love thee Amazon Prime? Let me count the ways…) Then I came across this little treasure on Leanne Shirtliffe’s Ironic Mom blog. Corey and I rarely exchange presents, but this might be the gift  for the man who has everything. Who wouldn’t want a Walking Dead action figure displayed on their nightstand? On second thought, I’m gonna stick with the no gift policy. I…

December 2, 2013 KimHarms

Do you ever wake up in the morning with butterflies in your tummy and your first thought is, “Why do I feel so funny?” And then you remember the reason for your butterflies and suddenly they don’t feel like butterflies anymore, but more like vultures attacking each other in your belly? Well that’s where I am today. Holy cow. So I choose to relieve some tension by watching a little Brian Regan. This clip always makes me laugh. And laughter is surprisingly soothing to tummy vultures. Brian Regan – Ironing Board

November 4, 2013 KimHarms

Blessed are the youngest children, for they shall reap the benefits of parents who have relaxed the rules. As my six-year-old zombie ran door-to-door trick-or-treating, I couldn’t help but think about the ways I have changed as a parent over the years. I’m sure I could come up with many examples, but here are five that came to mind quickly. 1. Halloween Costumes There’s no way I would have let my other two be such scary characters for Halloween, but Lewis went as one of the brain-eating-undead. And you can see by the photo, he played the zombie role well….

October 31, 2013 KimHarms

Sometimes you just need to quit laundry and cleaning and cooking and taxi-driving and writing to spend some quality time with your wild and crazy boys in a haunted hotel: complete with bonus Corey Harms Scares. That man – and his children – find way too much joy in freaking me out. ~Thanks to the Wilderness Resort for another fantastic break from real life.~  🙂