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I Found My Breast Cancer Story on Rise and Soar Above the Cancer Valley

by KimHarms 6 Comments

Photo by Kim Harms

Look what I found in the big wide world of the Internet while doing a little writing research – my story on author Shirley Corder’s website. I remember when she requested my cancer story for her Testimony page, but I don’t remember ever seeing it after if was published. What a fun little surprise.

Things like this make my heart happy. It’s a boost of encouragement from God through my computer screen. He’s like –

Hey Kim, I know that sometimes you think you’re losing your mind with this whole writing thing and that you should give up and  apply to make pizza at Caseys, but I have you right where I want you. Trust me. Besides, remember that time you got a job at Piccadilly Circus in high school and you messed up two pizza orders on your first day and then quit? You’re a great girl and all, but you’re not really cut out for food service. I created your brain for the keyboard, not the kitchen. Stick with the words. Love, God




Comments ( 6 )

  1. ReplySherri Renee Adelman
    We'd love to have you at Casey's but the world needs your words Kim. Keep writing! It's your calling! :-)
    • ReplyKimHarms
      Thanks Sherri. You could teach me how to make donuts! My boys would love you forever :)
  2. ReplyDeAnn Thompson
    Ha, ha, ha. That's awesome! You could make pizzas and write about them. Seriously, congratulations ! You were destined for making a difference with your stories. God is using you!
    • ReplyKimHarms
      Thanks DeAnn. Some days I honestly do feel like I'm out of my mind, but God is good. And he always reminds me of that just when I need it.
  3. ReplyCathy Baker
    Congrats, Kim! You are living out 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 through your stories. To God be the glory!
    • ReplyKimHarms
      Thanks Cathy. I'm thankful for the opportunity to use my words to encourage others.

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