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Reconstructing Intimacy After Breast Cancer – Sharing Some Hard but Beautiful Things with Dr. Juli Slattery

November 15, 2018 KimHarms 0Comment



Reconstructing Intimacy

Reconstructing Intimacy After Breast Cancer

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy for her Java with Juli podcast recently.  I will keep this post short and let the podcast speak itself, but I will say this about our journey to “authentic intimacy” post mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

 I think if Corey and I had really thought through how sex would change when I no longer had breasts, we would’ve had an inkling that there was going to be a struggle ahead, but we were so focused at first on getting rid of the cancer that losing my breasts was in the periphery. Once the cancer was gone, the work of restoring what we had been building for 17 years began. It wasn’t (and sometimes still isn’t) easy. But the best things in life are worth a great effort and a few tears.

I hope you enjoy his podcast. I’m a little apprehensive to share something so personal, but this is where God has me right now and this is real life stuff that we deal with post breast cancer.  So I’m taking a deep breath and leaping out of my comfort zone. . .

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