On Trees, Writing and a Tiny House in the Woods

September 3, 2019 KimHarms 0Comment

It will be you and me up in the trees and the forest will give us the answers. Trees, Marty Casey

I don’t really believe the forest will give me the answers, but I have to say, it’s pretty common for this song to pop in my head as I sit out on my deck overlooking my own forest. (It’s not really a forest, just like an acre and a half of trees, but sometimes I pretend.) I love being up in the trees with Corey. I love dreaming dreams with him. I love the spot on this earth that God has allowed me to call my own, even with it’s crazy quirky issues, like super creaky hardwood because the builders used the wrong kind of nail, wild critters that eat my flowers and keyed locks in every interior door in the house – who does that?)

And I love my tiny little bonus cabin in the woods.

I had the opportunity to share about my writing space for Cathy Baker over at the Tiny House Blog today. Feel free to pop on over there and check it out. While you are there, read some of her stuff. She’s got great things to say and a gift for arranging words on a screen.

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