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5 Things Backpackers Do


1. Pee outside. Seriously, this is the view from the commode at our first potty break. I doubt there’s a 5-star hotel out there that can boast of a view like this from the toilet.


2. Bathe in deet. It feels like it anyway. Nothing like rubbing 98% deet all over every exposed part of my body to fend off armies of killer mosquitos.


3. Drink water that looks like this. Filtered from Cross River, Corey assured me it was safe to drink. I trusted him and survived, so I guess he was telling the truth.


4. Get very excited about super lightweight camping items. This cute little Big Agnes two-man tent weighs just over 2 lbs. I always roll my eyes when Corey buys a lighter weight version of something he already owns,  but I sure appreciate it  when I’m carrying it on my back.



5. Endure tired feet and sore muscles for an occasional incredible view. Like these of Lake Superior and Temperance River rapids.

Our trip was less than ideal in many ways that I’m not going to take the time to elaborate on now, but it was an adventure for sure. And nothing beats an adventure with Corey Harms.

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  1. ReplyMelanie Anderson
    We visited that area last summer - loved it! However, we stayed in a lodge instead of a tent!
    • ReplyKim Harms
      It is beautiful up there! We're going back up with the boys in 2 weeks.
  2. ReplyTORi
    True dat. Love this. Thanks for posting my hiking blog. Our water was red and we don't filter, we steri pen, so there is lots of sediment :( Also, we saw lots of those same sights, but the mosquitos weren't bad at all, just the biting flies.
    • ReplyKim Harms
      I'm a little jealous you didn't have to deal with mosquitoes, but if I had to choose between a rebelling dog and annoying mosquitoes, I think I'd go with the mosquitoes. ;)
  3. ReplyForrest
    I have the same tent, except in one person size (my girlfriend doesn't like backpacking). Love it!
  4. Replykathy rollman
    Love the north shore. We're you hiking on the superior national trail?
    • ReplyKim Harms
      Yes. We were on the Superior Hiking Trail. It's really gorgeous up there! We're taking the boys up in 2 weeks for a family vacation.
  5. ReplyKim Harms
    We were happy with it. We had a decent storm the first night and it survived and we stayed dry.
  6. ReplyDefiningMotherhood
    Love my Big Agnes tent (and my base weight of <10lbs). Lightweight gear makes backpacking so much more enjoyable!
    • ReplyKim Harms
      Agreed! I think I'd wimp out if I had to carry a heavy backpack.

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