When I Was Scared by Lewis Harms

I go through all the boys notebooks at the end of each school year and keep a sampling of what they’ve done. Lewis’ stories often inspire laughter. But this rare gem brought tears. I was scared too, Mr. Lewis.  And what I wanted most in the world was to protect you from the fear I…… Continue reading When I Was Scared by Lewis Harms

Flying Cheese ~ A Kindergarten Confession

It was all because of the flying cheese. I was tucking my little man into bed when he made his cheese confession. “Mom, I forgot to tell you something.” (Lewis, who shares pretty much every detail of his every day life with me, “forgot” to tell me something…my ears perked up immediately.) “What’s that buddy?” “I…… Continue reading Flying Cheese ~ A Kindergarten Confession

Thanksgiving Tree

I’ve got a confession to make. I put up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. For those of you who think I have done something utterly sacrilegious, I will argue my case. 1. My house is on the market. Seriously, someone could (they probably won’t but they could) buy our house and want to move in…… Continue reading Thanksgiving Tree

My 33-Word School Day Prayer

At some point during the morning rush each day these words run through my mind. Dear Lord, Please protect their eyes from seeing things they should not see their ears from hearing things they should not hear and their mouths from saying things they should not say. Amen. It’s tempting to feel like I need…… Continue reading My 33-Word School Day Prayer

“Mom, Let Go” – A Poem About My Boy

Because sometimes milestones can be equally joy-filled and heart-breaking. “Mom, let go.”  * Three small words A punch to the gut Tears behind sunglasses Broken heart  * Black bicycle seat Released from my grasp Unfettered boy Riding free  * Simple mastery of Two-wheels But to me It is more * He can do it On…… Continue reading “Mom, Let Go” – A Poem About My Boy