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Further Still – A Poem by Beth Moore

DSC03371I found this poem during one of my middle of the night reading sessions. And as I am at the start of what is likely going to be a not-so-good sleep night, I am encouraged by it again. It is beautifully written. Enjoy.

Further Still

In that lonely place ~ No friend can go ~ No brother can help ~ No loved on can know

I must crawl on ~ While you stay ~ Further still ~ Just watch and pray

In that lonely place ~ The cup is fought ~ To sip the pain ~ Or choose my lot

To claim my rights ~ Or cast them down ~ To gain my loss ~ Or scorn my crown

Life pivots there ~ In Further Still ~ Face to the ground ~ Fighting his will

Can’t choose to return ~ The same who went ~ Once Further Still ~ The old is spent

So remember me ~ And stay close by ~ I’ll need you soon ~ Right by my side

And pray me back ~ Til He has won ~ And throat is parched ~ From “Yours be done!”

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Where I’m From – Family Heritage @ Inspire a Fire


It’s my day to blog over at Inspire a Fire. It’s just a short sweet post about childhood memories including my own version of George Ella Lyon’s poem Where I’m From.

If need a creative challenge on this lovely Saturday, try writing your own Where I’m From.  It’s a lot of fun (unless you are not a word person, in which case it could be a torturous experience.)

Where I’m From – Family Heritage @ Inspire a Fire.


I Am Not Enough

I am not enough

To undo my mistakes, to answer my own prayers

To make myself compassionate when I simply don’t care.

To give joyfully each time, to love those I don’t like,

To succeed without pride, to submit without a fight.

I am not enough

To seize every moment, to savor every gift

To put playtime above laundry on my to-do list.

To ease the worries that find their way inside.

To overcome the insecurities I so like to hide.

I am  not enough

But I know the One who is.

The One who

Forgives my mistakes and answers my prayers

Fills my heart with compassion that was not before there.

Who loves the unlovable, Epitomizes joy.

Submitted in humility to come to earth as a boy.

The One who

Never misses a moment, nor overlooks a gift

Who gives undivided attention to every petition I lift.

Who exchanges my worry for calm, my insecurity for peace.

Whose unconditional love will not ever cease.

I am not enough, but I know the one who is.

So thankful that though I have never been perfect and never will be, I know the one who is and always has been. And he loves me enough not only to save me but to gently guide me to become more like him.

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“Mom, Let Go” – A Poem About My Boy


Because sometimes milestones can be equally joy-filled and heart-breaking.

“Mom, let go.”


Three small words

A punch to the gut

Tears behind sunglasses

Broken heart


Black bicycle seat

Released from my grasp

Unfettered boy

Riding free


Simple mastery of


But to me

It is more


He can do it

On his own

Reliance on me

Ever decreasing


A mama’s pride

 Mingled with loss

Most heart-wrenching

Mix of emotions


Down the path

He pedals alone

Grinning, bursting with

Joy of independence


Bless that boy

Father I pray

And comfort the mama

Who let go

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Iowa’s NOT World Famous Artist Designer

Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug for my artist brother Keith. He is amazingly talented. But don’t take my word for it. Let these photos speak for themselves.

I highlight the NOT in the title because a recent newspaper article about him opened by stating that he is a self-proclaimed world famous artist. The world famous thing was actually a joke on his part as you can see by his sign below 😉 But hey, if he gets enough publicity, maybe he will become world famous.


I have been into silly little poems as of late. Bear with me here for one more 😉

Nelson may not be world famous

But his talent is second to none.

If you’d like an elephant in your living room.

He’d be happy to paint you one.


Do you own a classic Duesenburg

Or motorcycle that you treasure?

If you have some extra cash to spare

Painting a likeness would be his pleasure.



Or maybe it’s classic Hollywood

That puts a smile upon your face

Dean, Monroe or Presley

In your home you could showcase.


You can look Nelson up on facebook

or find him here or there.

Or if your passing through Polk City, Iowa

Stop and see him on the square.

And to answer the question I always field after showing someone my brother’s art: No, I am not artistically talented. Unless you count doodling. I can doodle with the best of them.

Keith Nelson Arts studio hours (subject to change):

Monday and Tuesday – by appointment or by chance

Wednesday through Friday – 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Saturday – 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Ode to A Pop-up Camper

My man thinks I “misled” him to believe that I was an outdoorsy person in our early days by registering for camping supplies for our wedding and telling him about the camping trips I took as a kid. I guess I forgot to tell him that my family camped in a motorhome and was never without running water…real outdoorsmen carry all their stuff on their back and sleep in a little tent in the woods I guess. How was I to know?

Anyway, this little pop-up was our camping compromise, and we created a million memories in the six years that we owned it. Now we’ve moved on to a bigger rig since our kids just don’t want to stop growing. I’m excited to use the new camper, but I’m also excited to go backpacking with a little tent and no running water (unless you count the river we’ll camp by.) I guess we’ve each rubbed off on each other – I now have a camper with a microwave and air-conditioning and he has a wife who will rough it  on the trail with no modern amenities. I think that means we’re good for each other.

Enjoy my little good-bye pop-up poem. 🙂
camper 2

From Colorado to Superior

From Saylorville to Smushmore

You have provided our family shelter

From the Great American Outdoors


A married couple’s compromise

Twixt a tent and a hotel

For these past six lovely years

You’ve served the Harms family well


But our children keep on growing

And your space feels oh-so-tight

It’s time to say good-bye dear friend

We’ve shared our last vacation night

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The Limerick Winner

And the winner is….Mara!

Though he laughed at each entry as I read them, Carter picked the one that really spoke to him. 😉 You know the one that played on his ability to stink up a room and implied that there is a certain intelligence behind his odoriforousness. 

I’ve listed the entries below for you to enjoy. Maybe we should try a Haiku next…

There once was a young man named Carter
And Carter was known as a farter
He stunk up the place
It was a disgrace
But Carter considered it smarter


There once was a boy named Carter
He blew his nose harder and harder
To get rid of his very big booger
Careful not to cause to much humor
Oops, he blew so hard he is now a farter


Come visit my home with your brother(s)
Leave your dad home with your mother.
We’ll shoot some hoops
and make some loops
on the golf cart driven by Carter,


Grampa is an old man without class
He’ll clear the couch by passing gas
If you don’t like the smell
He’ll think that’s just swell
So be sure to bring your gas mask.


There was a boy with wet sweaty feet
They smelled like rotten cow meat
If I could bottle the smell
I’m sure it would sell
As a weapon to bring quick defeat.